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Our Vision

Simply. Robotics.

Open Source

All components of the Hedgehog Controller are available as open source and open hardware. Check out our GitHub Organization!


Simple for beginners, powerful for pros. The controller is designed to be suitable for K-12 students as well as advanced hobbyists and even in research and industry.


We want to make Robotics accessible for everyone to promote STEM fields and research projects.

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Hedgehog provides you with the tools you need, no matter if your usecase is simple or complex.

Web-based IDE

No installation required. All operating systems.

Visual Programming

Integrated Blockly environment. Create programs without coding.

Textual Programming

Write code in Python 3. Powerful yet beginner friendly.

Plug & Play

Use many common motors and sensors including cameras.

Internet of Things

Use the broad range of IoT software for Raspberry Pi.

Customize it!

Enjoy the freedom of open software and hardware.


Progress requires research and persistence.

  • A foto of Reini teaching a girl how to use a robot


    An Idea is Born

    The vision of a low-cost educational robotics controller was born. First, Android smartphones were used as processing unit. In July 2012 the first version of the controller was presented.

  • A smartphone and a robot


    Smartphone-controlled Robots!

    The second revision of the controller was based on a box design, with a clear distinction between low-level and high-level control. The IDE was still app-based.

  • Early version of the hedgehog controller


    New Concept, New Outfit!

    After some changes in the controller's architecture, the former AndriX controller was renamed to Hedgehog. Not only did we have a major name and concept change, but launched a Kickstarter that unfortunately was not backed.

  • Screenshot of the Web based IDE in a Browserwindow


    Web-based IDE

    From the lessons learned, we switched to a web-based IDE including visual programming. No app is required, the IDE runs directly on the controller. This also enables real-time collaboration and version control on PC, smartphone or tablet! And it is more powerful and even smaller than ever before.

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Our Team

Passionate. Determined. Competent.

Portrait foto of Dr. Gottfried Koppensteiner

Dr. Gottfried Koppensteiner

Project Manager

Portrait foto of Clemens Koza aka Der Chefprogrammierer

Clemens Koza

Lead Developer

Portrait foto of Martin Wolff

Martin Wolff

Electronics Developer

Portrait foto of Daniel Frank

Daniel Frank

Electronics Developer

Portrait foto of Markus Klein

Markus Klein

Software Developer

Portrait foto of Lisamarie

Lisamarie Schuster

Educational programming, curriculum, and Workshops

Portrait foto of Lisa

Lisa Vittori

Educational programming, curricular, and Workshops

Portrait foto of Karl-Heinz

Karl-Heinz Gräbner


Portrait Foto of Martin Krammer

Martin Krammer

Lead Designer

It's probably not best practice to blow one's own horn, but this team is really the most amazing team I've ever worked with. We just finished a week of ECER conference, with everyone spending 18h+ per day, working passionate and committed for the cause of educational robotics. Since this is my last day of working for PRIA, I just wanted to say thank you! Team PRIA, you're awesome, it was a pleasure for me to have you in my life as working colleagues and friends. I wish you all the best for the future and I will always keep you in my mind in my mission of protecting the environment.
– For the oceans, Reinhard.

Hedgehog was initially developed within the project SCORE! in the frame of the COIN program, an initiative by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy as well as the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

Parts of the current Hedgehog development activities are funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme within the project ER4STEM with the project reference no. 665972.


Download the latest Hedgehog image as the fastest way to get your Hedgehog up and running.

Latest Hedgehog image
Source Code (GitHub)


Foto of Peter Lieber

“I like Hedgehog: Hedgehog is like the Eagle made in Austria. It gives beginners a smooth introduction to software development without spending hours on electronics and mechanics beforehand. It’s powerful, sophisticated and even looks great.”

Peter Lieber Parallel Entrepreneur (SparxSystems, LieberLieber Software) and president of VÖSI
Foto of Peter Lieber

“For me an educational robotics controller like Hedgehog combines all elements to equip young people with not only digital competencies like graphical and textual programming, but also building their first robots - both in a versatile and simple way. Hedgehog as well as the Digital Literacy Initiative of DigitalCity.Wien make no difference between young children and youths, meeting all digital educational requirements of this target group.”

Bernhard Kainrath DigitalCity.Wien project member and head of project "Digital Literacy Initiative"
Foto of Reinhard Grabler

“I followed the evolution of the Hedgehog controller for years, and therefore knew the potential of it already. When PRIA came up with the current version of this little fellow, I was amazed: it is small, has all the capacities I want to see in a controller and most importantly is very simple to use and reliable.”

Reinhard Grabler Ocean Conservatist and Founder of Shark – DIY Maritime Robotics


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